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Deep Foundation Techniques

Deep Foundation Support involves generally involves the installation of a structural piling that can transfer weight to deeper depths.  Projects planned over poor soil conditions can require deep foundation support if excavation of the poor soils is not feasible, especially when the poor soils extend below the ground water table.   Some common deep foundation systems include:

  • Helical Piers are suitable for many soil conditions, having design capacities ranging from a few thousand pounds to over 100 tons. Helical Piers can be installed with overhead clearances as little as 3 feet in some cases, making the technology a cost effective solution for retrofit construction. Installation can take place in little as one hour after a crew arrives on site, allowing rapid, cost effective mobilizations.
  • Drilled Micro-Piles utilize specialty equipment that can advance a piling through a variety of drilling techniques.   These systems are very popular due to their ability to drill through buried obstructions such as concrete and rubble.   
  • Soil Improvement encompasses a variety of specialty Geotechnical techniques, such as pressure grouting, permeation grouting, compaction grouting, and dynamic compaction.  In the right conditions, soil improvement can provide a cost-effective method of treating poor soils for  structural support.
  • Driven Piles require an open area for large pile driving equipment.  Steel, wood, and concrete pilings can all be utilized to provide deep foundation support.  Although cost-effective, driven piles produce significant vibrations and noise and generally cannot be done in populated residential areas or in close proximity to nearby structures.     

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