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What Causes Foundation Problems?

Buried rubble does not provide a proper subgrade for foundation and is also very difficult to work with.

What causes foundation problems?  Your home's foundation can be susceptible to a wide variety of structural issues.   Although most concrete cracks are relatively minor to repair, they could also be potential symptoms of a much larger and underlying foundation problem.  Not only can serious foundation problems be expensive to repair, they also can have a negative impact on your property value.  

Poor Soil Conditions:  Contractors and developers greatly value buildable lots and try to maximize the amount of buildable lots within a subdivision project.   In some cases, significant landfilling and earthwork is required to prepare a steeply sloping site for a building lot. When not done properly, the foundation can start to settle almost immediately after initial construction.  In the Metro Boston area, swamps and streams were commonly backfilled during the Industrial Revolution.   Whole communities, including Boston's Back Bay, occupies landfilled area.   Neighboring Newton, Brookline, Cambridge, and Sommerville also contain many lots that were filled some time ago.

Poor Water Management/Drainage:  Water can cause a multitude of foundation problems.  Proper water management is essential to help maintain a dry basement and the structural integrity of the foundation itself. 

Poor quality concrete:  Concrete foundations can sometimes contain low quality cement and/or were not constructed properly.   Foundation with poor concrete will be greatly susceptible to cracking and spalling as well.    In some cases, too much water was added to the concrete mix, greatly reducing the strength and increasing the "shrinkage potential" of the material.  Many foundation cracks are caused by concrete shrinkage, this is most recognized at corners of window openings in the foundation.  

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