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Concrete Foundation Cracks and Possible Causes

Foundation cracks can be manifestations of underlying soil problems.

Foundation cracks manifest in varying shapes and sizes, ranging from a hairline crack up to cracks that are several inches wide. There are numerous causes for these cracks, including concrete shrinkage, foundation settlement, and bowing. These problems can be diagnosed by examining the formation, location, and width of the foundation cracks.

Below are some of the common causes of foundation cracks:

  • Foundation Settlement: Several indications of foundation settlement include sloping floors, cracked walls, and most notably, foundation cracks. These cracks normally indicate where the poor soil starts and ends . Settlement cracks develop when a portion of the foundation settles, thus being wider at the top than bottom.  Engineered Foundation Technologies routinely provides helical piles, resistance piles, conventional underpinning, and injection grouting to repair a foundation repair.
  • Foundation Bowing: Foundations walls bow in two distinct ways; along a horizontal line around the middle of the wall and when the middle of a wall bulges inwards.  Most bowing is caused from either insufficient concrete design and/or poor water drainage.  
  • Concrete Shrinkage: All concrete will shrink over time. However, the amount concrete shrinks depends on multiple factors, most importantly the amount of water in the mix. The concrete "slump" indicates the flowability of a concrete mix; the higher the slump the more flowable the concrete. Essentially the more water in the concrete, the more it will shrink. A foundation poured with a high slump concrete will result in a lower strength mix and the potential for many foundation cracks. For this scenario, Engineered Foundation Technologies recommends using affiliate companies that specialize in epoxy injection technology.

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