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Foundation Repair MA | Distribution Warehouse

September 24, 2012

This Massachusetts foundation had to be lifted over 7 inches with the heavy and unstable panel walls in place. This photo shows the noticeable gap underneath the foundation after the lift.

Specialty hydraulic jacks were required to lift the foundation, as the Massachusetts repair work included lifting the heavy concrete structure back in place.

This electric jack provides precise control with lifting work. Specialty trained workers can adjust the hydraulic as necessary to perform a lift.

Foundation Problem:  This 400-ft long foundation in Massachusetts settled over three inches while the building was still under construction.  The project was put on hold and quickly fell behind schedule.   Immediate repairs were needed.  

The project was complicated in the building contained 20-ft tall concrete panels walls, being held in place by steel struts.   These struts were needed to hold the 20-foot high concrete panels in place during the foundation work and greatly impacted the repair logistics.  

Foundation Repair:   EFT provided the client with a engineered solution to the settling problem.  The design concept included the use of over 150 helical piles to stabilize and raise the foundation back in place.   EFT successfully lifted the foundation over 7 inches with the concrete panels in place, allowing the building contractor to work on completing the building. 

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