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Helical Piers Installations- Newton, Massachusetts

May 3, 2012

Helical piles provided a cost-effective solution to the poor soils in the rear of this property in Newton Massachusetts. These piles were installed just outside the existing foundation walls.

Helical piles were used to support a new construction foundation in this developed area of Newton, Massachusetts. Soils investigations revealed the site was formerly a small lake that was backfilled some time ago.

Helical Pile Installations:  A new addition was planned for an existing residence in Newton, Massachusetts. A soil investigation revealed a deep layer of poor soils existed within the planned addition, requiring the use of a deep foundation system. Pile driving was not feasible due to the close proximity to nearby structures.

Helical anchors were chosen to support the new foundation, as noise, vibrations, and a rapid mobilization were considerations for the project. Helical anchors are essentially vibration free and do not require seismic monitoring of nearby structures. Twenty one helical piles were successfully installed for the job.

Helical Piles for New Foundation Construction:  A new house was planned for this site in Newton, MA.  Site excavations revealed that organic soils extended deep below the ground surface.  Helical pile anchors were utilized to support the new foundation and prevent the building from sinking in the future.

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