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May 3, 2012

This Massachusetts foundation had settled down away from the structure. A noticeable gap existed between the concrete foundation and framing above. Construction repair starts with determining the cause of the settlement.

The foundation wall and slab had severely cracked from the excessive settlement over a twenty year period. The roof was also structurally distressed from the foundation movement and required immediate repair.

Settling Foundation Repair:  Poorly constructed foundations greatly impact the integrity of a structure.  Differential settlement results in a variety of problems, including cracked drywall, stuck windows and even structural damage to the framing.  Most importantly, properties with settling foundations lose significant value and are difficult to sell. 

Engineered Foundation Technologies routinely works with property owners to help resolve foundation problems, in both the residential and commercial sectors.   Our vast experience in geotechnical engineering and construction provides clients with the background required to solve difficult challenges.    Engineered Foundation Technologies provides clients with a Foundation Engineer to assess their problem.    A specialty trained engineer can best evaluate a foundation and recommend the proper technology to repair the problem. 

Foundation Cracks are commonly formed from concrete shrinkage.  These cracks tend to be located at the corners of windows and have even thickness along the length of the crack.  Sometimes basements can bow inwards slightly, usually resulting in vertical cracks in the middle of the foundation.   Settlement cracks differ in that they are normally "V" shaped, being wider at either the top or bottom of the foundation.   

Water Management involves the planning of water drainage during periods of heavy rain.  Furthermore, buildings founded too close to the groundwater table are excessively prone to flooding. 

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