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Foundation Repair - Framingham, MA

August 1, 2011

A subsoil investigation revealed the foundation was bearing on unsuitable soils, causing the excessive settlement and foundation cracks.

Helical underpinning piles were used to support the settling foundation walls. Underpinning brackets were utilized to transfer weight from the foundation down to piles below.

Foundation Repair:   This 50 year old house had severe foundation settlement and was also for sale. After a year on the market, the current owners decided to take the property off the market and repair the foundation.  

A soil investigation revealed the foundation was bearing on unsuitable fill soils.   The rear of the property contained filled-in swampland and was not suitable for foundation support.    

Foundation Piles:   Helical piers were used to repair the foundation.   A total of ten helical piles were utilized to screw down through the fill and anchor into the better soils below.  All the piles were attached to the foundation and were utilized to help re-level the floors above.

The project was successfully completed in 10 working days.

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