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Emergency Epoxy Grouting - Tower Foundation Repair

January 18, 2012

The tower foundation was severely cracked. With oncoming Hurricane Irene, the repairs were immediately necessary to help prevent a failure from the hurricane force winds.

Pressure grouting was utilized to repair the foundation. Strategically placed injection ports were drilled into the concrete. The heated epoxy was injected, ultimately binding the concrete back together.

Emergency Foundation Repairs: This transmission tower base had severely cracked.  Upon visual inspections, it appears that the concrete cracked through one of the anchor bolts within the steel base pad.   With Hurricane Irene oncoming, there was great concern that the high-winds posed a threat to the tower.   Project engineers wanted to pressure grout the foundation base to help prevent failure during the hurricane. 

Enginered Foundation Technologies provided the emergency repairs as requested by the project engineers.  Specialty grouting procedures were utilized to repair the crack.  The process started with repairing the outside face of the crack with a fast-setting epoxy mix.   At that point, small injections holes were drilled into the crack.  After the strategically placed injection ports were drilled in the concrete, a high-strength epoxy mix was injected ino the concrete crack.  The project was successfully completed in one day.   

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